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Plastic corrugated sheet Boarding Box Helps "Green Logistics"

Plastic corrugated sheet boarding box is a new type of product that meets the requirements of modern enterprises to carry out environmental protection and zero inventory plan. It is environmentally friendly and convenient, and is widely used in our life. Folding turnover boxes adopt international popular styles. According to the different folding methods, there are two folding methods: folded and inverted types. The volume after folding is only 1/4-1/3 of the volume at the time of assembly. It has the advantages of light weight, less floor space and convenient assembly. What are the advantages of the plastic corrugated sheet boarding box? After folding the empty plastic corrugated sheet boarding box, the storage space can be saved, the production area of the factory can be increased, the storage area can be compressed, and the efficiency of the factory can be indirectly improved. After the empty box is folded, the workshop becomes more spacious due to the compression of the storage area, which makes the warehouse more flexible. Under any circumstances, it is not necessary to place the empty box outdoors to avoid the excessive aging of the rubber box caused by sun and rain, which will affect the service life. The plastic corrugated sheet boarding box is made of impact-resistant copolymer polypropylene, which is stronger than the homopolymer polypropylene used in ordinary boxes in resisting the damage caused by external impact. After opening the plastic corrugated sheet boarding box, the volume inside the box is square, the draft angle[aut1] , and the practical volume is larger than that of the common rubber box.