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Features of plastic corrugated sheet

① Most plastic corrugated sheet are light, chemically stable and will not rust;

② Good impact resistance;

③ Good transparency and wear resistance;

④ Good insulation and low thermal conductivity;

⑤ General formability, good coloring and low processing cost;

⑥ Most plastics have poor heat resistance, large thermal expansion rate and are combustible.

⑦ Poor dimensional stability and easy deformation;

⑧ Most plastics have poor low temperature resistance and become brittle at low temperature.

⑨ Easy to age.

⑩ Some plastics are soluble in solvents.

Plastic corrugated sheet can be divided into thermosetting plastic corrugated sheet and thermoplastic plastic corrugated sheet. Thermosetting plastic corrugated sheet cannot be reshaped for use, and thermoplastic plastic corrugated sheet can be reprocessed. Thermoplasticity has a large physical elongation, generally ranging from 50% to 500%. The force does not change completely linearly at different elongation rates. Both plastic hollow plate research and development institutions and enterprises have European standard instrument of plastic tensile test machine.

The different performance of plastic plastic corrugated sheet determines its use in industry. With the progress of technology, research on the progress of plastic plastic corrugated sheet has not stopped. It is hoped that in the near future, the modified plastic plastic corrugated sheet can be more widely used, even can replace materials such as steel and no longer pollute the environment.