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Layer Pad For Bottle
Layer Pad For Bottle
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Layer Pad For Bottle

The plastic corrugated sheet is selected to replace cardboard, wood board and fiberboard as the partition board for glass bottle pallet packaging and transportation, which becomes a consensus in the industry. Plastic corrugated sheet has been widely recognized in the global glass container packaging industry for its excellent performance, excellent cost performance and mature use experience. It adopts advanced edge bonding technology to seal the periphery of the plastic corrugated sheet, effectively avoiding the risk of microorganism and dust contaminating the glass container. In terms of comprehensive benefits, since it can be reused for more than 50 times, the cost advantage is obvious. It also has many advantages such as moisture-proof, waterproof, convenient recycling, easy cleaning, etc.
Custom Options
Product Features


Sinocoroplast can produce plastic corrugated sheet with

thickness between 1.5mm and 15 mm, and recommend the

most suitable requirements according to different customers'

products and uses.


Sinocoroplast plastic corrugated sheet is between 250 g/㎡ and

4,000g/㎡, and can produce any product matching with

thickness. We will recommend the most suitable gram weight

according to the products and uses of different customers. 


Sinocoroplast plastic corrugated sheet can be made into plate

with a width not exceeding 2,500mm, and the length can be

customized according to the requirements. We recommend that

the length of the flat plate should not exceed 7 meters and the

length of the rolled plate should not exceed 200 meters to

facilitate transportation.


Transparent, white, blue, grey, yellow, red, green and black

are the common colors of Sinocoroplast plastic corrugated

sheet. We will also allocate colors according to your

requirements and PANTONE color card.


According to different requirements of customers on product

price and mechanical properties, we can use 100%

polypropylene or a mixture of polypropylene and filler to

produce plates.

Custom Printing

We have a professional team that can design printing patterns

according to customer requirements. Printing methods include

screen printing, flexible plate printing and UV air brush.


In order to ensure the printing quality, Sinocoroplast plastic

corrugated sheet can provide corona treatment, the treatment

effect can reach more than 48 dynes.

Flame Retardant

We can provide products with flame retardant effect, reaching

UL94 standard and meeting the application scenarios with fire

prevention requirements.


We can provide antistatic products with a surface resistance

of 〖10〗^6-〖10〗^9Ω, effectively avoiding the damage of

static electricity to electronic products.

Ultraviolet Protection

Sinocoroplast plastic corrugated sheet can effectively prolong its

service life by adding anti-ultraviolet absorbent.

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Food contact

Waterproof and moisture proof

Easy to clean

Chemical resistance

Light weight and high strength

Impact resistance

Easy to process

Sound insulation and shock absorption


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