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 Sinocoroplast Packing

Established in 2005, Shandong Sinocoroplast Packing Co., Ltd. was located in Zichuan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, with an area of 30,000㎡ and 150 employees. The company's main product, plastic hollow plate, is widely recognized in the global market as an environmentally friendly packaging material. Relying on its high-quality structure, it is 100% recyclable and has obvious environmental protection characteristics such as zero emission in the production process. It has gradually become an ideal substitute for cardboard, wood board, metal sheet and hard plastic board.

The company currently has 8 international advanced hollow plate production lines, which can produce hollow plate plates of any specifications with a maximum width of 2,500mm, a thickness of 2-15mm and a gram weight of 250g/㎡-4,000g/㎡. In the field of deep processing of hollow plates, the company has 5 full-automatic flat die-cutting machines with a maximum precision die-cutting width of 1,850 mm. At the same time, the company has also introduced the most advanced 7-color high-definition printing machine in China, which can provide customers with high-quality...

  • 2005

    Company Incorporation

  • 30000

    Land area

  • 150


  • 8

    Production line

Green packaging creates a green future  


We pursue long-term principle and sustainability, and we are committed to become an excellent supplier of environmental protection packaging and fresh materials. With continuous innovation and high-quality service, we are determined to create constant value for customers, to help our employees grow and to be a respected enterprise.   



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 Sinocoroplast Packing
 Sinocoroplast Packing

Zhiqiang Niu


 Sinocoroplast Packing


Operation Director

 Sinocoroplast Packing

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 Sinocoroplast Packing


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 Sinocoroplast Packing

Feng Li 

Uvasys Sales Director

 Sinocoroplast Packing

Junhua Bi


 Sinocoroplast Packing

UVASYS, from TESSARA Group in South Africa, is a well-known brand of grape preservation mat in the world. It is famous for its long-term environmental protection. It can bring long-term post-harvest preservative protection to grapes and enable consumers to taste safe and delicious table grapes.
Shandong Sinocoroplast Packing Co., Ltd. is the only general agent of UVASYS in China. For many years, we have been committed to making the vast number of grape planting and storage households in China use advanced insurance mats in the world to solve their worries. "We can use it...

 Sinocoroplast Packing

Let packaging no longer be the cost burden of customers, but the competitiveness of customers. Shandong Sinocoroplast Packing Co., Ltd. has always been following this concept and is adhered to the customer-oriented, technological innovation-based, and service & quality-guaranteed development philosophy. The company continuously innovates design, improves product performance, provides more valuable services to customers, and looks forward to sincere cooperation with each and every customer!

 Sinocoroplast Packing

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