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UVASYS, from TESSARA Group in South Africa, is a well-known brand of grape preservation mat in the world. It is famous for its long-term environmental protection. It can bring long-term post-harvest preservative protection to grapes and enable consumers to taste safe and delicious table grapes.

Shandong Sinocoroplast Packing Co.. Ltd. is the only general agent of UVASYS in China. For many years, we have been committed to making the vast number of grape planting and storage households in China use advanced insurance mats in the world to solve their worries. "We can use it, afford it, store it, and sell it well." We strive to make UVASYS have wider sell channels, so that scientific preservation technology can benefit more planting and storage households.

TESSARA Group has more fresh-keeping information on flowers, litchi, blueberries and tomatoes, please log in, and for more information about UVASYS please log in


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