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Solution for transportation and packaging of fresh fruit and vegetable

During the storage and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables, the following problems generally exist:

1. Most fresh fruits and vegetables contain high moisture. Some need to be washed with water before packaging. Traditional cartons collapse easily after absorbing water, causing damage to products. Wooden cases will mildew when exposed to water, which will affect the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

2. Most fruits and vegetables that need to be refrigerated in the cold storage in centralized and large packages need sub-packaging when withdrawing from the cold storage, thus the problems of high secondary packaging cost and secondary damage to the products will occur.

3. Manufacturers with designated sales channels hope that packaging boxes can be reused to reduce packaging costs, while cartons and wooden cases cannot be reused.

Sinocoroplast's packing box for fresh food is made of polypropylene hollow plate, which has unique product advantages and can completely solve the above problems.

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: It is suitable for water-cooled and humid environment, and can be directly stored in cold storage after being loaded with products.

2. Convenient transportation: simple assembly and random stacking during transportation; paperback storage can effectively reduce the logistics cost of recycling.

3. Recycling: Hollow materials are easy to clean and can be sterilized by steam to ensure food safety and be recycled for many times.

4. Aesthetics: The hollow plate is rich in color, and can be packaged in different colors according to different products, and custom brands and printing patterns can be realized.

5. Environmental protection: Sinocoroplast's f packing box for fresh food is certified by US FDA, safe and environment-friendly, and can circulate freely.