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Solution for Packaging Recycling

At present, cartons are the main packing materials in China. Because they are easy to be damaged and not moisture-resistant, they are mostly used once, and a few can be used for 3-4 times, thus consuming a lot of energy for recycling. Injection turnover box can solve the problem of recycling, but its size is inflexible, and the price is high, most of them cannot be folded, and the cost of recycling logistics is high.

Sinocoroplast plastic corrugated sheet box has moisture-proof, waterproof, impact-resistant, foldable, washable and other characteristics. The turnover times can reach more than 60 times, with significant economic benefits. The resulting environmental benefits are even more significant, with cumulative energy consumption reduced by 74%, water consumption reduced by 89%, and solid waste reduced by 61%. It has high flexibility in box design, and can be scientifically designed according to different products and different specifications and sizes without high mold cost. In the fields of electronic appliances, precision instruments, and automobile accessories, EVA, EPE and other materials can be matched to protect the products while recycling.